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BYOD: Employees Use of Personal Devices to Connect to an Employer’s Information

It seems virtually everyone has a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or other type of personal device. As these devices become more common, employees using these devices to connect to an employer’s computer network is also increasing. While there are benefits … Continue reading

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Social Media and Non-Competition Agreements

A Massachusetts judge recently considered a novel question involving social media and non-competition agreements.  A Massachusetts staffing company, KNF&T Staffing Inc., sought injunctive relief against a former employee, Charlotte Muller, for alleged violations of her non-competition agreement.  Specifically, the company … Continue reading

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Who Owns A Linkedin Account; The Employer or the Employee?

As a business, an important goal is for employees to effectively market themselves and your brand.  Because social media is a quick, cost-effective, and easy way to reach your community and beyond, it may be desirable for employees to utilize … Continue reading

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